Undoubtedly one of Elliott’s magna opera, ‘The Acrylic Arrangement’ is a perfect example of the artist's ‘Symphonies for the Camera'. The precision and symmetry in this image is simply staggering and massively difficult to achieve with photography. The image shows the Artist’s fascination with light and luminosity. Elliott once quipped “Light is the spirit of things, for without it we are nothing”. And philosophical beliefs such as “Geometry is purity of form” and “Beauty is order”, certainly walk their talk in this masterpiece. ‘The Acrylic Arrangement’ took hundreds of hours of work to create, over a period of six weeks. In this 'Symphony For The Camera' Elliott created every single piece himself and positioned it relative to the camera. A highly original approach and a hallmark of his work.

Total Number Of Originals: 8
Size Of Piece: 42 inch
Original Type: Vivera Giclée (250 years+)
Hand printed by Elliott